This statement applies to all sites owned and operated by CardsnBadges LLP. Our websites contain links between the other sites that are owned by CardsnBadges LLP ,all of which operate the same Privacy Policy – although several of the points mentioned below might not be relevant to all sites. We also link to other merchant sites, and thsese wikl have their own policies whcih you need to che3ck when you move from one site to another.

Payments Information

We do all that we can to protect and respect your privacy. When placing an order on this site, we do not see any financial information from yourselves or take any payment directly. The actual payment is taken by the company that this site links to when you click the link on our web pages.

Disclosure of information

We do not sell, trade or disclose your information to a third party – with the exception of any legal obligation that might arise as a result of your transaction. Unless specifically requested, we do not use your contact information to send you additional marketing material or details on any special offers.



Several of our web pages link to other sites . You should acquaint yourself with the cookie policy and privacy policy of all new sites that you visit after leaving ours.

First of all – what are cookies ?

Cookies are small text files that are placed by the web site you are visiting on to your PC. Some of these ( session cookies) are essential so that things like shopping carts can function e.g. by remembering what you have put in your shopping cart as you navigate around our site.

What cookies are used on this site

Cookies do not transmit viruses or collect information off your hard drive, or collect your email addresses. In general our site could contain up to three different types of cookie – i) essential, ii) analytic and iii) third party. i)  The essential cookies used on this web site are necessary for the website to operate. For example, they enable us know what items you have placed in the shopping basket. If cookies are not allowed to operate on our site, then you will probably not experience full functionality of the web site, and the  shopping cart will probably not operate as required, meaning that you will be unable to make online purchases. The shopping cart program and/or payment providers can set cookies during your shopping experience as you fill the shopping cart and move to the check out screen –  essential  for successful online purchasing. This is common practise throughout almost all on line shopping sites. These cookies do not identify individual visitor details. This type of cookie is deleted when you close the browser. ii)  We may use cookies to see which of our pages receive the most visits and which pages are most often found in search engines. This is quite normal practice for most websites. All information from the cookies of all the visitors is added together to produce an overall  view of activity on our web pages. No data that could personally identify you is this process. iii)  Our websites may also contain links to other third party websites. These can include affiliate links to sites that sell items that we feel are complementary to those that are available on our own sites. These links contain a simple tracking code, that can enable the new site identify which company has recommended their site. We are not responsible for the content or privacy policy of these third party sites and therefore we urge all visitors who take advantage of the links that we place on our sites, to check the privacy statements of the new webpage and to ascertain what cookie placement or tracking statistics might be active on the site.

How to control and delete cookies

For further information on cookies and their use you can visit This gives you information on cookies, how to control them or block them and how to delete ones that are already present on your computer. Alternatively use the help button on your browser, and search for ‘cookies’ or ‘privacy settings’. By restricting cookies whilst on our sites, you will most likely experience reduced functionality and be unable to make on line purchases. Cookies, as such, do not contain viruses and do not collect any personally identifiable information from you. Most browsers are usually configured to automatically accept cookies. If you decide not to automatically accept cookies then you should consult you browser help screen for information on how to do this. You will also be able to see cookies that have been placed – and of course to change your decision regarding cookie acceptance.

Cookies used by Third Party Sites

When you click a link that takes you to an external (third party) site that is not operated by us, you may see a new request for cookie acceptance, as you join the new site. Once you have left our domain you need to check the privacy and cookie policy of the new site that you are now visiting.